Who we are

Women’s wings is a Non-profit organization, fully registered at the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Khartoum – Sudan.

A Feminist organization suite are: non-profit organization working in empowering women to overcome injustice, humiliation, equality and poverty.

Our message:

To create a better and strong realty for women.

Our Vision:

Towards a fair and integrated society and strong women capable of living in dignity that preserves their social position.

Our Values:

  1. Women’s economic empowerment and the fight against poverty.
  2. Rehabilitation of women and raising their abilities.
  3. Fight all forms of social and health harmful
  4. Promote cooperation and communication between people and strengthen social ties.
  5. Freedom from racism.
  6. Contribute to the goal of any healthy society, culturally, educational…etc.
  7. Eliminate all forms of the SGBV.

Our means:

  1. Training
  2.  Advocacy
  3. Income generation projects
  4. Parterships


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